Monday, August 08, 2011

The Sand Dunes

I have so many awesome memories of the Sand Dunes.  From playing there as a little kid, to field trips with classes, smuggling shaving cream on the bus, sunburns, riding horses on the dunes and camping there every summer.  I had great dates at the sand dunes.  Friends and I would take cardboard boxes or sleds up and ride them down the dunes.  The best track coach I ever had made us run those suckers for spring conditioning.  Sheer, torturous hell . . . but a decent memory now.

I've been to the Dunes a few times with the kids.  The last time was when Mimi was just sitting up . . . summer of 2008, so this was a new thing for her.  It's never old.  I love the Sand Dunes.  Photographic evidence:

That's Little at the top of that rise . . . 


Light sabre battles on the dunes.  Why sticks?  Well, for light sabre battles of course.  Plus, they are great for writing for name in the sand.  And, everyone needs a walking stick before you set out to the dunes.  But I'll be honest, it's mostly so we can have a dragging contest on the way back and I don't end up carrying Mimi half a mile back to "camp". 

I SO love these guys!!  Perfect sand, perfect clouds, mountains AND my kids all in one shot!! Gotta love it!! 

Sistas in the shade. 

We couldn't make it a day without handstands . . . 

. . . and elements of the beam routine on stumps. 

And here is Grandma, chillin' in the shade . . . 

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