Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Last Hoorah . . .

We fun parents of summer always try for one last hoorah, right.   Summer's been great and I'm actually, for the first time ever NOT ready to have everyone back in school . . . I'm just feeling not-done playing with the kids, but, alas . . . .

We took our last hoorah last weekend.  Super fast up and back trip up to the mile-high city.  We paid too much for a hotel room, gorged on breakfast buffet, walked the 16th street mall watching people and, well, watching people.  We ate out, hit the zoo and marveled at the "skyscrapers".  We swam and hot-tubbed and piddled around for a day and a while.

Moo again.

We like this building.

Our hotel.  Middle loved riding the elevator to the 20th floor.  It's the little things that make a kids' day.


Mimi is mildly obsessed with camels right now.  Everything is a camel and she only wants to see the camels.  Finally, we got to the camels.  They had two-humpers and the one-hump variety.  She likes them all. 

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