Monday, August 29, 2011

Jazzy McJazzerson

Okay . . . the truth about this baby cockatiel is:

He acts more like a puppy than a bird.  He's a baby.  He paces and squawks in his cage when he wants out.  He loves to ride on shoulders.  When he's there, he finds a fringe of hair hanging down snuggles into it, draping hair over his back and wrapping himself up with it.  When the kids come home from school, it's his signal for playtime.  He comes out of his cage for homework time and is rotten, rotten, rotten.  He mooches their snacks, steals their pencils and is a sucker for attention.  

Middle and Little let him ride on the fire truck.  He's the chief. 

Mimi LOVES birdie.

He loves being right next to a cheek, and is especially obsessed with Middle's eyelashes.  Try explaining that "community grooming" idea . . . aka "he does it because he loves you" to a nine-year old that is dying laughing.

Jaz says, "homework schmomework . . let's play with the pencil."

". . . or the eraser, yeah, yeah, I like the eraser."

Now he's perched on her back.  As a side note, why do my kids love to do their homework while they LAY on the counter? 

Mimi is fearless w/ the bird.  In this picture, I like her hat better than the bird! 


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