Friday, August 05, 2011

Flowers . . .

See, once I start something, I'm neurotic about finishing it . . even if you guys are SICK to death of seeing flower pictures.

Sunflowers. I'm not in love. Usually I pull them up as babies, but this year, I let several of them grow, just for fun.  There are half dozen or more that are 6 feet ++.  The provide shade.  And the birds seem to like them.

I always feel like I should make tea. 

False sunflower.  Me likey.  Me likey a lot.

Despite my un-tropical zone, I've successfully grown a hibiscus this year.  I bet it won't make it through the winter, but for the price, I'm glad . . . and I really do love the color.  I too the picture a day late, but it's still pretty. 

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