Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Homestead,

Please come visit me.  I have to take you and your lovely kids to see this:

Aren't these THE coolest forts you have EVER seen in your whole life?  They're on the corner of Cache & Cascade . . . see Worner Center behind there?  Apparently, it was a project some years back.  They are so stinkin' rad.  You can go in there and see up inside.  There are four or five of them all naturally nestled in the cottonless cottonwoods on the corner.  It will blow your mind.   I'm dying to figure out how to make one.  They kind of look like living willow, but they're not green!!

It's amazing.  Come see me.



FredeyTechnology said...

WOW?? that's amazing.. i cant believe it..

Visit my blog too ya..


BA said...

They had these at the Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus.