Thursday, August 04, 2011

A cultural experience . . . .

Who'd have guessed?  The kids and I just pulled in the drive.  We left home to attend a funeral that was this morning.  We drove to my hometown (more on that later), stayed in a hotel, did a little "fun wiggle time" and swam like dolphins.  Had dinner at the hotel and hit the sack.  

Got up this morning for showers, breakfast and packing.   And the funeral service.

My uncle passed away last week, July 28.   It's safe to say he was my "favorite" uncle.  This is my dad's younger brother.  He was 81, a runner, a dad, grand-dad & great-grand-dad.  A husband, a family man.  He had pillow fights with us when we were kids and he taught me how to play dominoes.

It was the kids' first traditional Buddhist ceremony.  It's a cultural experience, for sure.  They did a great job. I'm so proud of them.  They were respectful and well-behaved.  Mimi was positively adorable.  Even she followed suit and burned incense in the line.   She picked up the teeniest little pinch of incense and did the most perfect little bow of reverence.

I took butcher paper and crayons.  Weird, I know, but between the second service & the reception, I took them over to my grandparents grave sites and let them to crayon rubbings of their headstones.  They thought it was awesome, especially all of the characters written in Japanese.

I have photos to upload and lots more to say but not enough energy to get it all out right now.  Later.

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