Monday, August 08, 2011

Cremains, backne & a pig wearing goggles.

It's a real word.  Cremains are the cremated remains of a person.  Hmm.   I know.  How random am I today?  Also backne.  A real word.  Zits on your back.   Neither are recognized by my scrabble dictionary, put I'm still going to incorporate them into my everyday life.

So, spreading of cremains is governed by the city and state that you live in.  On occasion and whenever on private property, you must ask permission before you watch your loved one float away in a cloud of ash over the 9th green.   I'm learning a lot.

And finally, because I am random today, this is my piggie bank.  He's wearing goggles.  These are the shower goggles.  My kids wear goggles in the shower, don't yours?  It keeps the soap out of their eyes and is the only way I can manage to wash Mimi's hair.

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