Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can I just be honest for a moment?

Okay, I'm feeling a moment of truth coming on.  A honest moment.  And here it is . . . . I'm exhausted.  I feel like I have run a friggin' marathon the last few days.  We've been going from the minute our feet hit the floor in the morning & we haven't stopped until bedtime.

Monday . . . . Mimi started school.  She was super excited and a total rock star.  Too bad her new teacher didn't share that enthusiasm.  I'm never sure how to take a "new" teacher.  Maybe Heather can help . . . . seems like on a little kids' first day, a smile is in order, a little bit of friendly topping to help quell the anxiety and ease the transition.  Mimi's independent and totally on her own . . . . I don't need a teacher to openly distract her or take her hand from mine, but it would be nice if she acknowledged that we have entered the classroom.  A "good morning" seems in order to me.  Anyhoo . . . I'm thinking she's sizing us up, too, so I'll let the first day slide.  Heck, maybe she's a sub.  And truth be told, Mimi didn't need it.  I did.  I like to know that someone knows our names.  It helps when I write the check for (cough, hack) all that cold, hard cash.   With Mimi off to school, we took care of middle school registration for Big.  She got her class schedule, locker combination, school ID, yadda yadda yadda.    I ran an errand, picked her back up after the 8th grade trust team did the in-depth orientation with the 6th grade crew.    The rest of Monday I spent doing prep work and executing back-to-school night at the elementary school.  We have a nautical theme going this year, so we hung boat flags, cut watermelon, served goldfish, made lemonade, did a boardwalk game area where the kids played while they waited for the ribbon cutting on the new playground.  Five years of fundraising and work is officially done with the installation and dedication of this playground.  I'm so glad.  And so relieved.  And so done.  Middle got a great teacher.  Little got a great teacher.  Yeah for us.  Good year ahead.   MOTH thought far enough ahead to pick up dinner.  And show up for a few minutes for the kids.  Yea, MOTH.

Tuesday .  . . . is Mimi's gymnastics day.  Here's a funny thought.  Her "coach-slash-teacher" came out after class and talked to me about moving her to an advanced class.  I chuckle.  What, exactly, does an advanced class DO at this age?  Not sure.  My first questions are:  (1) is she ready for that? and (2) is it more money?   She's moving, mostly because I appreciate the focus of an advanced class.  There's a hefty portion of this class that just screws off.  After gymnastics, there were physicals for Big, Middle & Little.  I'm a believer in well child checks.  What can I say.  They're all healthy.  Middle and Little and tiny people.  Middle is in the 17% for height.  Little is the the 10th percentile.   Big got two shots.  We ate lunch together.  We went to the Middle school and put supplies in her locker.  No, I didn't have the foresight on Monday morning.  And, they weren't ready.  And, in retrospect, I'm glad we didn't take them.  The lines were like airport security and I would not have wanted to hold all that crap anyway.  Then to the grocery store for lunch packing provisions.  Home for a bit before gymnastics, BINGO, and a few other random things.    I read classic back-to-school books to the whole crew last night at bedtime. Do Unto Otters.  Read it.  It's one of my favorites.

And a few random thoughts:

1.  I asked Big if she's nervous.  She says, "Not at all  . . the school will be fine, the kids will be fine, but I'm a little afraid of other's kids' moms."  Hmmm.  Think about that for a while.   In classic mommy style, I'm wondering where I went wrong?  What soft parenting moment lead to that?  Should I have been more forceful?  More protective?  Taken a firmer stand?
2.  Jaz.  Pictures and posts coming of our new addition.  Jaz.
3.  Taco night.  Because back-to-school means getting serious about feeding the swarm on time so that bedtime happens at the right time.  Late bedtime means cranky kids in the morning . . . and there will be none of that here!!
4.  I had exactly no kids for several hours today.  I got a pedicure.  And had my nails done.  My nails actually kind of hurt right now, but they look SWEET.
5.  It's gonna take me a few days to get this schedule nailed down.  Three different schools this year equals three different start times.   And they kind of overlap.  Hmmm.  Also three different end times.  Double hmmm.

Pictures, pictures . . . must upload pictures.

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