Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yesterday . . .

A year in photos . . . .

I said, "Middle, can you please take that toilet paper upstairs & put it in the closet."

"Yes," she yelled back.

Long minutes past.

More long minutes past.

A cry.  The cry of a hurt kid.  Mimi.  Crying because the toilet paper tower she was building toppled and, in efforts to catch the toppling tower, she fell over backward & whacked her head.

But, the photo part of it is this . . . . along with a very satisfied Middle, "Mom, I made a toilet paper tower on the scale and the scale is on the stool.  And the whole thing weighs almost two pounds."

And I wonder why I never seem to get anything done .  . .

1 comment:

Heather said...

My Reader panel has been filtering out your posts for some reason (jealousy? hatred? racism?), so I'm playing catch-up... but I'm glad I started here. Two pounds, wow... that's a lot of TP.

I love that you enjoy your kids. :) People forget to do that so often these days.