Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today's photo and disclaimer

No, this isn't everyday normal.  Contrary to all the "you could ride him" and "you need a saddle" jokes, our dog has never been ridden . . . until this morning.  Mimi is still on a Pledge of Allegiance kick, so she's riding the dog, saying the Pledge while holding a new-and-improved makeshift flag (ie: fishnet) in the air.

** Important to note:  Yes, I know it's not a good idea to let children ride dogs.  Yes, I know that dogs react to the weight on their back.  Yes, I know that in another world, this would be a set up for a dog bite.   If there are any animal activists reading, please know that I know both of these parties very well.  And, I'm supervising from behind my iPhone.

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