Thursday, May 05, 2011


After school projects, oh my.  Little completed his 33 foot giant squid.  Big took her Rube Goldberg machine to school today.  That leaves a Delaware state float and a diorama about mountain zebras.  Big is covering a shoe box in blue paper and using electric scissors right  now to cut out a Delaware shaped cardboard cutout.  There's no blood yet.  Middle is working on a mountain zebra diorama.  The poor table looks like this:

There's popcorn in the red bowl.  Kids have to snack, right?  She has trees planted in lumps of yellow modeling clay.  Blue painter's tape is what Big is using to outline the state shape.  There's a family of toy zebras.  And she's sculpted three extra zebras to show the herd-living situation.  I'm not sure that clay will come out of the grains of the table.  I guess I'll find out later.  Art jars of miscellaneous stuff in the background . . . . I think Mimi got jealous of craft time, so that big pad of paper and baggie of stickers are hers.  Oh, and she was 'helping' Middle by making saddles for all the zebras.  Awesome.   The diorama is coming together . . . but it's always something.  She crumpled up some brown paper bags and glued them to the back of a box.  Nice mountain-slash-hills.  I let her use spray adhesive and sprinkle dirt on the hills.  Details, right?  Except that a few minutes went by and I could still hear the aerosol can, but my mommy-timer was going off and yelling, "she should be done! she should be done!"   A quick peek outside reveals that she's done with the dirt in the diorama and has decided to make ant traps with spray adhesive on the sidewalk.    Awesome . . . and for the second time in two days, I think to myself . . . why don't I get anything done??