Sunday, May 08, 2011

Supporting A Bad Decision and Mother's Day

Anyone have any thoughts on this:

Someone you know, someone you love makes a bad decision.   In this situation, a decision against your best "I'm-wearing-my-best-friend-hat" counsel.   There was discussion.  A lot of discussion.  And the person decided to go their own way . . . in direct opposition to your counsel.  In the discussion, I said, "I think you should _________ (fill in the blank.)  Forget that, I think WE should __________ (fill in the blank).  I will help you.  I will go with you for support.  If you-slash-we don't __________ (fill in the blank), you-slash-we, collectively, will never hear the end of it."

Yet, ultimately, the decision is not mine.

I'm wearing my best friend hat.

For the sake of clarity, I feel compelled to repeat:  not my decision.

The person I know, the person I love decided to follow his-or-her heart.  Go with the gut.  Even at the risk of hell raining down.

Now, I am being blamed for this decision, which, in case you missed the first not-so-subtle clues, was NOT my decision.  Since when does that happen?  This is not my thing.  I can no more MAKE a friend do something than fly to the moon.    So, please, universe and finger pointers, STOP blaming me.  It's not my fault.  The way I see it, since I'm functioning in best-friend mode, my only role is to support the person.  Bad decision or not . . . my job here is to lend an ear, give a shoulder, supply a tissue and repeat frequently, "I'm sorry . . . I'm here for you."

Also . . . mother's day.  Happy Mother's Day!   I do love Mother's Day.  I bought myself a nice basket of flowers.  Yes, I buy my own gifts.  I prefer my flowers with roots on 'em.  I have no expectations, therefore am never disappointed.   Big made me breakfast.  We ate together on the patio this morning.  Middle made me a gorgeous drawing.  Little put together a whole book of drawings.  Side note:  there's nothing quite as precious as a Mother's Day gift from a son.  I'll scan a few pictures, so you can see the drawings of weapons he made me.  I love an attempt at a flower . . . which you can see is quickly abandoned in favor of an airplane dropping bombs on the flower.  My favorite of the drawings are this:  a giant duplicate of Thor's mighty hammer.  And . . . a picture of Little walking with Me.  I love it because (1) he drew me skinny and (2) he's carrying a flashlight, we're walking through the jungle, he's protecting me from a jaguar, a snake and a crocodile.  It's adorable.  Mimi doesn't grasp the idea, but she was eager to join in the fun.  She sang me a song this morning, gave me lots of hugs and recited all that she can of the Pledge of Allegiance.  I'll take it!!   See below.  The words are garbled, just know that when you hear "gentle eeee-gunce" . . that's "I pledge allegiance".  My FAVORITE part of the Mimi-pledge is the randomly inserted, "to the flag" and "I love my mommy".    A close second, is the gopher tool flag she is flying and my belt she is wearing as a necklace-slash-flag holder.   She loves stripes right now.  Perfect!!

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Homestead said...

I like to say, "You're Fired." and walk away. But that's me.