Friday, May 27, 2011

Purple Iris, Candycane Phlox & An Itty Tiny Vinca

Today . . .

The first of the purple and yellow iris!  These are bursting with buds -- they'll explode in the next day or two.  I counted 32 buds in one area today. 

A vey pitiful candycane creeping phlox.  It was a tag-along from a previous transplant and it's still hanging in there. 

One itty tiny flower on this deep purple vinca.  I love how this flowers appear to twist. 

Yarrow.  Well, some very gorgeous ice plant is also pictured, but the yarrow's the point.  Yarrow is the bain of my gardening existence.  I have no idea why ANYONE would purposely plant this stuff.  It's a terrible, infective, caustic weed.  I'm certain the road to hell is lined with it. 


Disney Redhead said...

Oh good...I'm not the only person who counts the buds on flowers. :)

Homestead said...

I usta think yarrow was acceptable (hardy and the deer don't eat it) as long as it wasn't white. Then my lovely terra cotta colored yarrow turned hussy and bred with a trashy white weed and turned white.... damn genetics.