Friday, May 13, 2011

Pa-poosh, Ka-Goosh, Yam-Doosh

Here's a reworked portion of my missing Mimi post . . .

Mimi has officially entered the world of an extensive three-year old imagination.  She's perfectly hilarious nearly all the time.  Three is the age where my kids have successfully embarrassed me for one thing or another in a variety of different locations.  When Little was about three, he made me outright blush . . . . The Percy Story.  When Big was about three, we were standing in church, midway through a hymn when she put her hand like a flat blade, ran it down my ass crack and hollered, "credit card!!"

Today, Mimi achieved the same fabulous thing.  As we were leaving gymnastics, Mimi made me blush.  But first, you have to understand her language.  She's entered that hallmark stage of bi-polar pretending.  She's 100% one thing or 100% another -- there's no in between.  She's a puppy right now and Middle is her  owner.  She greets Middle after school with an enthusiastic, "OWNER!!!" followed by lots of panting and pretend licking.  Owner can get her to do all kinds of things that I (as her mommy) can't.  Owner and Puppy sit together at dinner.  Owner gets jammies on puppy.  The list goes on and on.  I just think, "this must be how the Duggars do it."

In Mimi-land, there is some special language.  Pa-poosh means someone or something needs something.  Whether its a baby needing a bottle or a diaper change, someone's thirsty, the puppy needs out.  Pa-poosh is the phrase to listen for.  Ka-Goosh means something all together different.  And Yam-Doosh is a flexible verb that means to go or the act of leaving.   In especially high stress times, she sometimes drops that first syllable . . . so you'll hear "poosh, poosh" with increasing urgency when someone or something needs help.  Likewise, to "doosh" means that we're leaving or are getting ready to leave.

So then, at gymnastics, I stepped 40 steps outside my comfort zone and actually spoke to another mom.  She has one little girl that is a week younger than Mimi and is new to this area.  We chatted a bit about everything and nothing.  The chatting carried on until her daughter was nearly ready and mine was itchin' to head home.  Mimi magically transformed from little girl gymnast to puppy in pretend land right when her shoes were on, so as I was finishing the conversation, Mimi pulled on my arm and said, "yam-doosh."  

Right.  I put her off as we mothers so often do with a sideways, "I'm coming . . hold on."

And then, with more urgency . . . "yam-DOOSH!!  Mom,  let's DOOSH."

One more put off . . . maybe one too many . . . 'cause as I was moving toward the door and the cubby room was filling with the next class' mommies and kids, Mimi shouted in stage-whisper-left-married-to-really-loud-toddler, "Mom I need to DOOSH!!  YOU  need to DOUCHE, too!"

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Heather said...

How long before the play language is banned? :P