Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Old Neighbor

I love this old fart.  MOTH and I had been married for less than a year when we bought our first house and moved into an adorable neighborhood, right across the street from this old guy and his wife.  Last Sunday was Armed Forces Day at their church & he squeezed back into his old uniform to show off his stuff.  We're so proud of him!   Yesterday, Big and I went over for a visit . . . . oh, how I love a good visit with genuine good people who walk the walk and talk the talk.   Though we moved out of the 'hood, we've maintained our friendship with them . . . . I truly, madly, deeply miss diggin' in the yard with his wife, sipping tea or lemonade & swappin' stories or preparing for a barbecue! 

Don is his name.  But for the sake of the story, when Big was a wee-one, she called him Dung.  Their house sat directly across from ours and Big's window faced directly into his garage.  Don spent lots of time dinkering around in the garage . . . listening to the radio or woodworking.  At nap-time or in time-out moments, Big would yell out the window to him, "Dung!!  She locked me in here!! Can you come save me??  I'm upstairs!! Hey, Dung?  Can you hear me?  I want to come help you over there!"   It still makes me laugh  . . . I'd sit on the front porch and listen to her bargain her way out of nap with the old fella across the street.  

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