Thursday, May 26, 2011

The New Rice Cooker

This is the little guy that caused me a ton of trouble this morning.  I love it.  And hate it.

While it may look like an innocent rice cooker, it's actually a giant pain in the ass.  But, like I said, I love it. My old rice cooker was from my college days, which was, um, er, at least fifteen years ago, depending which degree you count and how you add it all up.  It cooked three cups of rice at a time.  No, not enough for a family of six.  It was missing one leg, so before I used it, I had to take the lid off of the soy sauce to prop it up.  Every time or it would ooge sticky-watery-rice-juice onto the counter.  And the cord was a little loose.  It had started to smoke.  It was definitely time for a new rice cooker.  This one is the mac-daddy version.  It has a delay feature and will do veggies at the same time.  It's a sweet set-up.  Except that I don't know how to work it yet.  And, the true trouble:  it doesn't fit anywhere in my kitchen.

Yep, it's true.  There's not a single cupboard or space that this guy will fit in.  Not on the lazy susan.  Not above the fridge.  Not in one of the pullouts.  I have no room for a mac-daddy rice cooker.  It almost had to be returned.

So the commotion of this morning was about getting it off of the counter.  I despise extraneous things on the kitchen counters.  And getting it into a space.  Some space.  But that meant moving the pantry and lunch packing stuff.  I can deal with that mostly because school is out.  But moving that that led to moving the other pots and pans.  And that led to cleaning a few, Goodwilling a few and putting new shelf-liner in.  And that led to adding shelf liner to the drawer in the fridge, which begat taking the towel out and upstairs.  Once upstairs, I started laundry.  Which meant I had to fold laundry.  Which meant I had to put away towels.  Which called for re-organizing the linen closet.  Which meant standing there pondering how the games got in there.  Which led me back to the Goodwill pile.  Which I moved out to the garage and into the pile of un-sold stuff from the garage sale.   Well, being out there led me to the backyard where I piddled around picking up poop, pulling a few weeds.  I pushed Mimi on the swing and made a routine for Middle.  I picked up the playground and trimmed a few things, piddled with the sprinklers until I finally got thirsty, which led me back into the kitchen and all of the unfinished business with making room for the *(&^%& rice cooker.

Housekeeping makes me feel like I have serious ADD.  Like my entire life story is a Laura Numeroff book called, "If You Give a Mom a Mission."

As of right now, I've torn several rooms apart in my home today in efforts to make it better.  Instead of better, it's actually a whole lot worse.  And the most terrible part is that I'm losing my steam and I'll end of over-tired and ready for bed tonight with not a single room put together.  It looks like a tornado spun through my lower level today and I feel powerless against it.  Powerless and poorly motivated.  What a combination.

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Homestead said...

I, also, have the rice cooker I had in college. Mine has all of the legs but is missing the handle. It will make 5 cups.

And I tear the house apart with a bad case of the begats all the time. I feel your pain.