Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday in the Iris Bed

A very beautiful canary yellow iris opened.  Interesting.  Last year, I had only one clump of yellow . . . and it wasn't in this spot, yet today . . . a yellow iris opened here! 

I wish I could add fragrance to blogger.  My wanna-be hedge is beginning to bloom.  Purples are coming first, but I think next week, the pinks and whites should start opening.


Disney Redhead said...

Pretty! Although, I'm not gonna lie...I'm glad you can't at fragrance. Is that a lilac? The scent is way too strong for me usually...haha.

Homestead said...

Smell-o-vision. My lilacs are tight closed. I could make a joke in poor taste about it... they are that tight.

And my iris.... did I tell you about my new iris?? Cross your fingers... I have no idea what will happen this year. I love gardening.....