Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mammal Walk

Yeah!! Two days of official school left.  The parties and final projects and rolling in and buttoning up!  Middle got an A+ on her Cape Mountain Zebra project yesterday.  In 3rd grade, it's a required project and all the kids stand behind their diorama while the whole rest of the school streams through the classrooms asking questions and looking at projects.   I'm really proud of her!  I learned a TON about Cape Mountain Zebras.  For instance, prior to this project, I didn't know they existed.  Also . . . a fun word to add to your everyday vocabulary . . . dewlap.  Google it.  Technically, it's a longitudinal flap of skin that hangs from the neck.  In our family, we refer to it as a "gobble" or "extra chins".  Anyway, the dewlap is one of the differentiating features between Middle's Mountain Zebra and your everyday, run of the mill, meet at the zoo African plains-dwelling zebra.  Also, Mountain Zebras are porky little animals.  Short and stalky.  They are kind of our family mascot right now.   Middle spent ALOT of time sculpting zebras out of play doh and painting them.

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