Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Clean Fun

Mimi and I sat at the computer for a while today.  She was helping me post payments, when suddenly, we needed a break.  Photo booth.  We haven't played in there, but it was FUN!!

Funny Face Number ONE

Gimme a SMOOCH!! 

Yell REALLY loud!! 

Pig Face.

Scrunchy face.  See that big black frame in the background.  Jazzy, right?  I love that frame.   None of the people in the pictures are us.  How crazy.  It came home and went up on the wall just like that.  Add that to my to-do list. 

Ooh - discovering special effects.  Comic book.  Me likey.

Ooh, mom, swirl my head, swirl my head.  Ooh, ooh, let's swirl our heads together!! 


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Homestead said...

Swirly head crack up.