Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glen Eyrie

I chaperoned a field trip to one of my very favorite places on Monday -- Glen Eyrie Castle.  The place is packed with history about General Palmer, the founder of our city, his family, his business and the surrounding area.  In the 105 years since the castle was completed, it's changed hands several times but the last owner has restored much of the original structure and worked really hard to put accurate or exact time period antiques into the rooms.  It's used now as a base for The Navigators.  Lots of conferences and retreats are held on the grounds.   It's really gorgeous . . . definitely made by a Creator when He was in his very best mood.

They've also made huge efforts to protect the wildlife in the Glen.  Yesterday, we saw the original eagle's nest for which the area was named.  That stinkin' nest is 5 feet wide and over 5 feet tall.  They illustrated what could fit in there by putting third graders in a clump.  That's quite a visual.  As a bonus, on our way out, we saw a huge bachelor heard of big horn sheep laying in the meadow.  So, so gorgeous!!

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