Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Front Hall Closet Edition . . .

So I realize this challenge has taken  me a while.  Like, on the order of three weeks.  Closets overwhelm me.   I love them.  And I hate them. I tend to hide things in closets and walk away from them.  Years later, I discover treasures.  BUT, I'm obsessively organizing closets all the time.  I can't help it.  This picture:  BEFORE, right side, hallway entry closet.  Mimi helping. 

This picture:  Before, left side, Mimi in fashion model mode.  Mercy, those jackets are crammed in there. 

Before, the upper attic or game loft.  Yikes.

Before . . . the metal shelf that houses, well, everything.  Mimi's looking stylish in her open cardigan, don't you think? 

After, right side.  I took all the jackets out.  Perfect time for a garage sale.  I sold what couldn't be handed down.  I washed everything else.  There are three jackets left hanging.  I moved the metal rack from left to right.  I bleach pen-ned the grout.  I steam mopped in there.  It was nasty.  I cleaned the baseboards, organized batteries, tools, cleaning supplies, the flashlight bin & the bail of toilet paper.  I took games down.  Added the ones the kids didn't want to the garage sale.  Sold them.  Kept the favorites.  Sold a bunch of puzzles.  

Wire rack happiness.

Game attic happiness.  

And . . the jackets left hanging.   The cold hard truth is that cleaning THIS closet resulted in a much bigger mess in several other areas of my house.  1.  The laundry room.  I have at least three loads of jackets to wash.  2.  The ski stuff.  I have at least a day's work of sorting & organizing in the the outdoor stuff and ski stuff.  But doing that begets figuring out hats, scarves, mittens & gloves.  And ski boots.  And snow boots.  Eee-gads.  I'm not enough woman to do that all in one fell swoop.  Nor am I strong enough to tackle that in one day OR photograph and report it.  It just can't happen.

SO, next challenge is mine.

Since the temperature has been hovering around 40 this week, it's officially time to put away the ski stuff.  With the last soccer tournament this weekend, it's definitely time to put away the snow pants.  So, the challenge is:  ski wear, outdoor winter wear & cold weather gear.  Sort, wash and store.  Go. 


Homestead said...

Ok. Getting motivated. Getting motivated may take weeks.... by then it will be cold weather gear season here again.

Ok. I can do this. I still have to finish putting things away in the closet I did two weekends ago. BUT. Not my fault. Waiting for Hot to sort his stuff and return what belongs. The kids and I are done and it looks great.

Homestead said...

What games did you get rid of? I have a hard time getting rid of games and puzzles and books.