Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eating Out . . .

The volleyball team gave MOTH a $50 gift card to Red Robin as a thank you gift for coaching this season.   Uh, THANK YOU!!!   As if I needed an excuse to not-cook . . . . ending the weekend with a dinner out is perfect.   Our family is getting old enough to endure a dinner out, too.  Tonight, it was only two bathroom trips and a little bit of disagreement throughout the whole meal.  Nobody melted down and ended up under the table.  We didn't have any epic splashes across the table.  Nobody cried.  Thanks due in part to aging children, I suppose.  Gee, aren't we big and well behaved.  Also, Red Robin has the ziosk.  Anyone been there?  This gizmo seriously changes the way we eat out.  I wish we could check out four.  It's heavenly!! Marble Matrix kept everyone busy almost until our meals arrived!!

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