Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Homestead,

Fix this:

This bed is in the very middle of the hill and gets FULL sun (Plus+++).  It needs something big.  It had a rescued pear tree but it died.  Give me your opinion.  I turned all the soil yesterday, saving only two day lilies, a clump of purple iris, and a daisy that might not make it.   It has a drip line intact.  

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Homestead said...

I'm frantically pinning things on pinterest for you.. go look at my boards. Specifically the garden and To Colorado With Love.

I'm thinking some big focal thing.... like an Italian plum tree. Then a giant pot near it with a fairy garden in it.

Then I fall into my usual deer stuff.... sedum, russian sage, salvia, daisy, lavendar, rosemary.

So I'm trying to think outside the box a bit. What's your zone again? I'm reading a great book that has great plant recommendations but they are mostly not for my zone (4) or they are things the deer would love.