Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5th Grade Recognition

Our Little Graduate
May 23, 2011

There were about ten moms that worked as a committee to pull off the recognition event this year.  It's a tough job because (a) it's made up of all moms who have kids in the ceremony (b) there are lots of little parts (c) there's a lot to coordinate.  

So . . . the gym was decorated, invitations were done, programs were handed out, slideshow complete, playlist done and all the food arranged for a pancake breakfast  . . . and everyone settled in to have a proud moment as a parent. 

I missed the picture of Big being handed her diploma.  It just happened too fast, but here she is with her very favorite homeroom teacher: 

And her parents: 

And by herself: 

And with her best friend.  Yes, they're in dresses and standing on top of things.  You can dress a tom-boy up, but . . . . 

And, finally . . . . doing her karate kid imitation.  You can see our house in the background, well one itty tip of the upper corner.

I have to be a little mushy . . . just a touch.  The playlist was awesome - lots of borderline tear-jerker songs that caused eyes to mist over and the tissue box to get passed.  There were 689 pictures in the slideshow.  They made everyone laugh and cry.   The kids sang "You've got a friend in me" from Toy Story 3 and "We are the World".  Parents cried, and the song wasn't even that good.   I was looking at our little wonder up there, speaking at the podium as she and eight other kids did a presentation of gifts, and I was thinking, "gee, this is the kid that hid under the risers in the kindergarten play and wouldn't come out until all the people were gone."   

Now I'm quoting one of my favorite authors, because I can't put it any better: 

"You're sitting there and you have tears in your eyes and you think about the wonder of this  moment, and then - and this is the amazing thing - you look around the auditorium, at the other parents, and you realize that every one of them feels exactly the same way about their own kid.  I mean, that's so obvious and simple and yet something about it overwhelms me.  I can't believe this tremendous feeling, this wave of love, doesn't belong to us alone, that what we're experiencing isn't unique - and that just made it somehow greater.  I remember watching the other parents in the audience.  You see the wet eyes and the smiles.  You see the wives reach for their husband's hand, no words exchanged.  And I remember just being awed.  Like - I don't know - like I couldn't believe one room, one school auditorium, could be so full of pure love and not just take off from the ground."   - Harlan Coben

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