Sunday, March 27, 2011


The power steering in my car went kaput during our outing to the mountains.  In all honesty, it had been making a fun noise with hard right-hand turns, but in the commotion of carnival and packing & doggie care, I just forgot about it.  Suddenly, I found myself seated next to MOTH inside a car packed to the gills . . . and I remembered to say, "Oh, hey . . . I think something's gone wonky with the steering."   It was probably a blessing that he was with me.  Given the alternative, he wouldn't have believed me the first time OR traded cars to actually experience the noise. 

Then, as I executed a sharp right around a cone zone and into Montezuma lot, suddenly, there was nothing.  Well, nothing except a river rock wall coming mighty quickly toward a car that wasn't turning very well.  I was taken back immediately to my first car-owner days.  I drove this: 

I bought it from a farmer for $800.  I had to hire a tow truck to pull it out of the field where it had been parked for a zillion years.  It was a complete hunk of junk.  But it was MY hunk of junk, purchased completely with hard earned tips from my job as a breakfast waitress.  Anyway, it had four gears, no get up and go and zero power steering.  I had to put all of my then-110 pounds into it and hang on the wheel to make a turn.

Friday, I called for service on my car. 
Authorized service has changed locations. 
It's not close.
It's no longer under warranty.
And the worst part . . . my lease ISN'T up this May . . . it's NEXT May.

I'm sad.

About $597.30 worth of sad.   So, I guess since I'll be driving this guy  (his name is Beck . . do you name your cars?) for another 13 months . . .

I'll go ahead and have the oil leak fixed.  Ironic, if I do the oil leak AND the power steering, the price drops to $397.70.  That's better.   I'll also have the passenger side rear view mirror fixed.  I snagged it on the side of the garage and cracked that sucker right off.  Darn hard luck. 

Warning to all:  Don't do that.  It's very expensive to fix.  Very expensive.  Crud.

And that's my sad car story of the day.  

But while I'm on a money-rant, I feel compelled to say . . . our insurance guy came over.  My dad was an insurance sales man.  I remember going on house calls with him when I was a kid.  It was mind-numbingly boring.  Still is.  But, now, I finally get the difference between term life and whole life.  An ah-hah moment.  And did you know there's such a thing as a long-term care insurance package?    You can purchase it . . . and it gives you and your spouse a combined total of long term care years.  Hmm. 

Still on money:  I sold (yes, sold) the mahonka entertainment center.  Yea, me.  We're moving it today.  I'm so excited.  Now I can finally get what I want for that space.  Double yea for me.

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