Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I truly am a silver lining sort of girl. Most times, the dark and twisty turns of life only make me appreciate the sunny roads lined with daisies.

Here's the silver lining this morning:

Being the one that stays back with little kids makes for a long day BUT it was fast and fun with a buddy. Thanks, Momma J.

So the power steering goes out in the middle of a driving family vacation. Thank goodness it wasn't the brakes.

And Mimi has a fever that's hovering around 101 and is blessing me with intermittent explosive diarrhea. At least she's not vomiting. What's the big deal about sitting in a tepid bath at 5:15 in the morning anyway?? At least we weren't camping! And, the true silver lining for today . . . We're hunkered down in a house . . . A gorgeous mountain home with warm running water, a fire place, cable & a new barbie movie. This is a great place to be "in for the day!!"

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