Sunday, March 06, 2011

Home Improvement 101

I found pulls.  Glee and happy spirits abound.  I found pulls.  I'm so excited.

Rewind for the story:  when we re-did the kitchen and chopped the wall out, we added one base cabinet in the switcher-oo.    Old Posts:

So, know this.  The new base cabinet has one more drawer.  One stinkin' extra drawer.  And I can't find a matching pull to the existing hardware.  I've been searching for ages.  Moreover, our existing pulls are an odd shape.  They are shorter than the standard pull, therefore, twice as much.  The four millimeter difference equates to an upcharge of approximately $8 per pull.  Damn.

In the heat of the remodel, I gave up.

We've been living since the remodel with three drawers that are pull-less.  Why?  Because I took one drawer's worth off to go shopping and have been carrying it around in a ziploc bag for about 18 months.  Or more.  Heck, I don't even really know.  I just know it's been hopping from purse to purse for ages.  Then, I didn't want to give my pull up so that the contractor could have one, so I took another one for him.  There, three drawers sans pulls.   Last week, I meandered through the drawer pull row and spied something that looked shorter.  Hmmm, I thought.  And for $19.99, I took home a six pack. 

Imagine my surprise and delight when they fit.  No filling old holes.  No drilling new holes.  Out with the old pulls and in with the new . . . just like the pull-Gods intended.  Rad.  Except . . .

In the meantime, I had managed to find knobs I liked.  But there was no such matching pull.  So, we'd been livin' mis-matched . . . I'm fine with it, but I like the idea of having the dumb projected completed more than I love the knobs that I chose.  So, today . . . here's what happened . . .

Out with the old knobs (which I adore because they are so ME.  I love green.  I love blue.  I love daisies.  So pulls in blue and green with daisies practically had my name etched on the backside.  Which begs the question, what does one do with 35 fabulous knobs in the perfect hue with daisies in perfect symmetry?)

In with new knobs which I let the kids pick.  They feel like eggs and we call them the egg-knobs.  And pulls.  Which fit exactly right.  They are satin-ish stainless-looking and match two of my appliances.  Yes, only two.  But eventually, all four. 

Also in the kitchen, I've been bugged by these four cabinet doors that will NOT close.  I close them and they pop open just an inch or two.  It makes me bonkers.  I've adjusted the hinges.  I've done it all.  So, while I'm playing in the kitchen . . . I'm also changing out hinges on the popper-open doors.  Well, MOTH was . . . because feverish Mimi was on my lap . . . . but he went to open gym and medicine kicked in, so now I'm changing hinges and she's putting babies to bed in frying pans. 

And . . . . becasue I'm in love with my new light . . . here's the light.  We did this a last weekend, or was it the weekend before.  Did I tell the story of me electrocuting MOTH?  It was an accident . . . . But, here's my new light.  I absolutely positively LOVE it.

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