Monday, March 14, 2011

Dinner is served . . .

I have cooking on the brain right now.  Maybe it's Pampered Chef.  I've been leafing through their catalog on and off today trying to spend my $90 in free stuff.  I'm overwhelmed.  But motivated.  

Here's my plan this week.  I usually start with a blank sheet of paper.  This week, it's on the back of Little's spelling homework.  I believe in recycling.  It looks like this:


So, that's an easy week.  Then, I look at what I have.  Here's what I filled in by standing with the refrigerator door open and looking for a giant switch that says "inspiration ON".

Monday:  BFD.  Around mi casa, that's Breakfast For Dinner.  Yesterday, Pampered Chef Dawn let me play with her manual food processor and I made strawberry stuff.  Compote?  Salsa?  Maybe  . . . but it's just strawberries.  Fresh.  Not puree but cut more fine that chunks.  It will be lovely on top of baby pancakes with whipped cream.  Eggs for any takers.  That's one meal done.

Tuesday:  Mexican night.  I have ground buffalo and beef.  Half and half will be perfect.  Plus leftover burritos will cure the brown bag blues for the school lunches this week.  I have taco shells and tostada shells.  I have lettuce and sour cream and salsa.  I don't even need a quick grocery run.  Two down.

Wednesday:  Steak bites.  They're already done and in the freezer.  I'll kabob them with pineapple and serve them with california vegetable blend.  I have all that too . . . .

Thursday:  Well, that's easy.  It's fundraiser night for the school at Jason's Deli.  Salad bar all around.  But . . . I could have done chicken with wild rice, too.

Friday:  We'll be on the road at dinner time, so I'm planning something en route to our vacation destination.   I'll shop while there for meals for the rest of the week . . . but since I'm in cooking mode, I'm already leaning toward these main meals:  spaghetti on a ski day, because it's so crock-pot-able, tacos or some sort of Mexican buffet.  Because it's easy.  Flank steak.  I'll marinate that early and we'll grill one night.  It wouldn't be a vacation if we didn't eat at Eric's, so that takes care of one meal.  That's four, and on the last night, we'll have to eat all of what's left, which means we'll be eating Aunt Lola's Garbage Salads.  Yum :)

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