Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 26

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 26; A Photo of a Weekend You Love

I can't.  I love all weekends.  I can't pick a favorite.  I love weekends when we do nothing.  I love weekends when we do something.  I love yardwork on weekends.   I love going to movies, eating out, sleeping until 7 and staying up until 11.  I love being outside, having movie night, riding bikes and going for hikes.  Usually, I'm so busy loving what we're doing (or not doing) on the weekend, that I don't pause to take pictures. 

So, there's no photo for this challenge. 

Instead, there's a video of happenings on some random weekend in our house . . . 


Disney Redhead said...

The "sleeping until 7 and staying up until 11" part cracks me up.

In our house...7am and 11pm are super early! On average, I go to be around 1am and get up at 9am.

Elle said...

Oh my gosh . . . I remember those days. Now, I can BARELY make it until 11. I never know what's going on in the world because I can't even stay up for the 10 o'clock news!! At about 8:45, I start seeing double and making bad decisions . . . foraging in the kitchen and tearing things apart. It's all I can do some nights to make it until 10 . . . It's best just to turn in for the night!