Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 25

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 25 --  A photo of a night you loved.

There are alot of nights that I love.  I could have picked our wedding.  I could have chosen an anniversary.  Big was born at night.  Middle and Mimi were born in the afternoon.  Of all the days and nights I remember with most tenderness, this is at the top.  Christmas, 2003.

Little was born just before 9 pm.  It was THE best Christmas present ever.  It was actually a great time to have a baby . .  the hospital was very quiet, the staff was really attentive & my doctor came in especially for me. 

Little's delivery was really special for a couple of reasons . . . 

First, beginning in college, I had experienced several dreams about having a son.  Finally holding him made all that dreams come true.   Second, I had a really odd experience with Big  . . . a discussion about baby boys.  I'll blog it later, because it's just too much of a story for right this minute.  Suffice it to say that she told me we were having a boy when shortly before Middle was born.  We knew that Middle was a girl and Big was really involved with her.  In a strange moment, she just said that she remembered being in heaven and that there was a little boy with white hair that was coming to our family.  Goosebumps.  Her prediction came true when Little was born.  And last, during my pregnancy with Little, one of our closest relatives expressed concern for us over having a third child.  I understand that it was some form of love talking, but the message stayed the same.  People whom we loved thought that having three kids was a mistake and that we wouldn't be able to adequately care for or provide for more than two.  The word 'mistake' rang in my head.  Heck, it still rings in my head.   My resolve to provide well and care for our kids has forever been changed and shaped by that conversation. 

In a nutshell, receiving a gift on Christmas night . .  a white-haired boy who my oldest daughter already knew about . . . . is a night that stands out in my mind.  Plus, isn't it weird that it's photo challenge day 25 and his birthday is the 25th.  Crazy . . .

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