Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 23

I'm behind.

Day 23; Blogger Photo Challenge; A Photo of Your Friend as a Baby.

Huh?  My gut response is . . . what friend?  Then, Homestead comes to mind.  But I have no baby photos of her.  We didn't meet until I was seventeen.  MOTH comes to mind.  I don't have any baby pictures of him either.  How sad.  I don't have friends OR pictures of them as babies. 

Since I'm dinkering around with my camera today and uploading pictures, I'm taking the liberty to change today's topic.  I choose:  Photos of the last time you made an ass of yourself in the name of family fun.   Here's ME.  Notice the cotton candy coming up off of my hair.  It was a strange cross between "What About Mary" and those crazy troll pencil toppers from my youth.    I think I see a fourth grader in the back ground, which means this was taken at about 9 am.  Eee-gads.  I'm thinking I look pretty stunning for that time of the morning.  Bummer that you can't see my outfit.  It was rockin'.

Ooh, ooh . . . I spoke too soon.  Lookie, lookie.  This is my big kid.  Look how adorable she looks when she's mildly embarrassed by her mom . . .

And here's a shot of the best dressed 3rd grader.  She was too cool to play carnival games that day, so she cruised around with her posse and munched popcorn.

Nice poodle, right.  I drew that.  I've got mad skills.

And just when you think a crazy post is coming to an end, I add another picture.  Midway through the morning, my mom showed up.  I 'bout fell of of my stool.  Bet you're wondering why I needed a stool.  The cotton candy machine was too high for me to reach my stubby little arm in there AND twist the stick in the right direction, so I had to borrow the rollie-stool from the library.  I needed more height.  Don't laugh.  It's the story of my life.  Anywhoozle . . . my mom came sauntering in, picked up a broom and started cleaning up, passing out popcorn and doing the twist with a bunch of first graders.  It was downright awesome.  And she wanted a picture of US . . . so here it is.  Note my jazzy sharpie-saddle-shoes. 

And finally, because I NEVER have pictures of me with people I adore, here's a picture of me and the two babes that pulled this thing off with me.  Mandi is on the right.  I've blogged about her before.  She just probably doesn't know it.  She's co-president with me this year.  And Wanda is our treasurer, the maker of awesome Valentines and my fellow Asian Spice . . .  And . . . Check out my tricep.  Sheesh.  I have a muscle! Okay, it's a tiny little shadow that indicates a muscle might be buried in there somewhere.  But that's a start!

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