Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 20

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 20; A photo of something you enjoy doing

I like doing a lot of things:

Turning soil, planting flowers, working in the garden . . .

Going to playgrounds . . . I'm always in search of a good one.  It's one of my lifetime dreams to have enough  money to buy a playground and plop it in the middle of a park for a community of youngsters who don't otherwise get outside.

This is a double whammy.  I really enjoy practicing yoga.  I like how I feel instantly better when I get going.  I like how I feel during . . . and I love how I feel after.  And, though I love living in the mountains, I really enjoy traveling to the beach . . .

And after a long day of gardening, playing and yoga-ing, I love to settle in for a little TV time with my hubby & dawgs.  I'm a late blooming late night TV addict. 

1 comment:

Disney Redhead said...

I'm learning to enjoy planting flowers and stuff a bit. I still hate digging in the ground though because of bugs. I make my husband do that stuff while I plant things in pots...haha.

I responded to your comment on my trip blog. Are you in the Colorado Springs area? The cabin I really like is in Divide, CO.