Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 19

Blogger Photo Challenge; day 19; a photo of your room.

Ump. I love my room. But taking and posting pictures of it seems kind-of, um, intimate. Still, I hiked up with my camera and snapped a few shots. I'm very brave today.

And here's the view from the window side.  Only three stacks of laundry left to put away today.  And that giant blue basket full of socks and undies.  I even washed the giant duvet cover (white, over the rail) today.  I'd like to sell that.  This is view into the bathroom . . . I don't love that.  But I DO love the canvas.  I wake to it every morning.  It says, "we tend to seek happiness, but happiness is actually a choice."  I also love the hanging star-lamp-ball over the landing.  My decorating theory at work . . .  I surround myself with things I like and hope it comes together . . . . and if it doesn't, it's okay . . because I'm the one livin' in it :)

There's the opposite view.  These are posting in reverse order.  Oh well. I've been meaning to take the orange and tan stumps downstairs for a week or more.  I'd like to sell that corner unit.  The armoir has sentimental value.  It was the first real piece of furniture we bought.  We didn't have the good sense to measure it before we took it home, so when we got it home, we had to take a window out of the house to get it in.  Then, when we moved, it wouldn't fit upstairs, so we took it straight in the front door and set 'er down.  We drilled holes in the back and made it an entertainment center  . . mostly because we couldn't move that damn thing.  It's been in this room since we moved into THIS house because this is where the movers put it.  I also love that chair.  It's comfy.

I didn't cheat by cleaning it up first.  I'm a compulsive bed maker.  Mostly because I do laundry.  Everyday.  And the laundry closet is right outside my bedroom door . . . so I fold laundry on my bed.  I can't do that with the bed a mess, so I make it.  Everyday.  I think that started when we put our first house on the market.  Our selling agent said, "tidy and make your bed every day."  A habit formed and I like it.  I really do like climbing into a made bed at night.  The twin size camp mattress under the bed is where Moose sleeps.  At night it gets pulled out.  Middle's most recent art is above my side.   Ya can't really see the new closet lights, but the closet runs behind the bed in that open space . . .  I think the giant glass jar full of bouncy balls to the side of my nightstand is a nice design element.

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