Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 18

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 18;  A Photo of One of Your Classes.

Again, I say, hmmm.

What does this mean to a middle aged women who's past her prime for taking pictures-of-her-class?

My mind goes to my class.  I've always contended that I have none.  Plenty of folks would agree.  But, just recently, I believe I've found my own step and come into my own.  I'm not as class-less as I once thought.  I believe I've shown a good deal of class, in the last few months, for certain.    I know what I'd like to say, but that's in a future post about regrets.  So . . . .

Class . . pictures?
Class . . ring?
Class . . middle class?
Class . . working class?

It brings up an interesting topic:  my high school senior class.  My senior class is having it's 20 year reunion this summer.  Do people attend those?  I keep seeing things get posted on facebook for dinners and family events and all kinds of random stuff.  Apparently, people DO attend class reunions.  There are folks writing on the wall, saying they're a "plus 2".   But, I'm situated squarely on the fence.  I'm not sure I WANT to go to a 20 year reunion.  Let's face it.  High school was NOT the best time of my life.  More than anything, I'm pretty sure I didn't like the person I was in high school.  It's eons ago . . . and my most heartfelt wish is to leave high school and all the memories and people surrounding it where they are . . . in the past. 

Except Jamie.
And Reece.

But everything else . . . can stay in the past.   So, seeing as how my high school 20 year class reunion is on my mind, it seems fitting for me to post my . . . . senior class picture . . . .


Disney Redhead said...

My class had it's 10 year reunion a couple years ago. I debated about whether or not to go. I ended up skipping it. I was kind of glad I did. Very few people went and it was just at a local bar. From the pictures I was pretty lame.

But...I may consider the 20 year when it comes around. That one could be more interesting. Of course, with facebook...I pretty much know what everyone is doing already.

Heather said...

Ahh, I love it! Look at that smirk. Class reunions, hmm... I'm going to skip mine (when it comes; I mean I only graduated in 2006) because I have positively no desire to reconnect with ANYONE I went to high school with. I was also extremely unpopular. Hehe.

Reece said...

I almost texted (yes, texted) you today to see if you were going to this damn thing. I'm on the fence too for all the same reasons (plus the fact that I only went there my senior year). I only care about seeing you and Justin. Jason Rose and Jamie would be nice too but really just you and Justin. Obviously, he's going. I want to know if you are. Will you let me know what you decide?

Another thing. Today I was on a run and this too-loud, too-low helicopter passed overhead. It made me think of (are you ready for this?) the Capitalist Tool. Remember Mrs. Watkins telling us to take off and do some investigative reporting? Remember how you always had a box of Triscuits in your car? We could always go to this reunion and cluster our families in a corner and not talk to anyone else. It would be kind of fun to show Gretchen and Arlos what a gay tattooed freak I turned out to be. (They were such homophobes.) Ok I'll stop now.

Homestead said...

I love your picture.

We forgot to have a 10-year. So we went to the one with the class behind us... they had it in Billings (why?) but it was pretty fun to see everyone.

I went to my 20 year and had an absolute freakin' blast. But ours was an all-school deal celebrating the 100 year centennial of the entire town. So it was FUN. I laughed my ass off..... but that might be because I was always the witty and funny but an outsider girl who held the role of peacemaker when I was in hs. I'm still that girl. I will always crack a joke to relieve the tension.