Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day 16

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 16 . . . a photo of the last party you went to .  .

Really?  What am I? 18?  In reality, the last party I attended was a home show for Thirty-One.  I didn't take photographs.  Before that . . . . um, probably some home based business thing like Silpada or Lia Sophia.  I have a circle of acquaintences that does those sort of shows with regularity. 

When I think of the word 'party', I actually think about mylar balloons and cute cupcakes.  How old am I?  The word 'party' actually conjures the image of a kids' birthday party.  I'm not so old that I've forgotten college keggers or underwear parties at the hockey house, but . . . . I have NO pictures of me at ANY party.  That's going back for many, many years . . . birthday parties right on down.  The last party where I was photographed was the birthday party when Mimi was born.  And let's just say:  the blood loss was extreme.  I'm pale as a sheet and have yards of exposed flesh.  Ergo, no such photo shall be posted. 

So . . . . today, I'm posting a cool picture that Big took today in the back yard.   She calls it "ooh, ahh."

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