Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 15 and Rube Goldberg

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 15 . . . a photo of you and someone you love.

I'm opting out.  Not really because I don't have a picture of me and someone I love, but because this blogger photo challenge has REALLY demonstrated to me how few people are in my 'inner circle'.   There was a brief stint of time when I was the life of the party, but I've since become a hopeless homebody with minimal friends and no real drive for social outlet.  I'm comfortable staying in.  I like pajamas better than jeggings.  I don't drink and don't really want to be a designated driver.   For the record, though . . . I could post a picture of . . . (read:  see me puffing myself up . . . I have friends, er, um, sort-of.)

a.  Me and MOTH.  I have a wonderful wedding shot of us in the back of the drive away car.
b.  Me and my mom.  Or my dad.  I've already used them.  Or my brother.  Also used.
c.  Me and Mel . . . . I love her.  There are no pictures.
d.  Me and a few girls from the 'hood.  Frankie or Cinn from down the street.  Cathy from up the street.
e.  Me and some PTA folks . . . Mandi . .  Cinn . . . Jaime . . . . 
f.  Me and Homestead.  I've posted about her.  Or others from by 1st four years of college . . . But i just posted a bridesmaid shot . . . so that about covers that.
j.  Me and nursing school buddies . . .  Fashion Kate . . . I've posted about her.  But I don't have a picture anyway.
k.  Whoa.  I'm at K and I've already gone back 20 years.  Me and Jam . . . a still strong high school buddy . . . Or Reece . . . we've reconnected. 
l. Me and one of my kids . . . . . . I love all of them.  Tons.
m.  Me and my accountant.  I love him.  Alot.  Especially at tax time.
n.  Me and the a few of the staff members at school.  They make my life easier.   I love Carrie.  I love Annie.  I love Dea.  I love Heidi.  I love Shirley . . I love all the people who love my kids.
0.  Me and Kevin, the checker at Costco that I like so much.
p.  Me and Tim, he's the Schwann's man that visits my door every second Tuesday.  He makes me a better cook.
q.  Me and . . . well, I guess that's it.

Tonight, I choose to Blog Photo Rube Goldberg.  I bet you want to know why.  Well, my daughter is a fountain of information right now.  She has a project due in mid-April based on this famous American cartoonist.  Anyone know him?  He was famous for depicting cartoons of simple actions . . like watering a plant or turning on a light . . . but through an elaborate set of simple machines that made the whole act overwhelmingly complicated.   So, Big's project is to build a Rube Goldberg machine that waters a plant.  It has to use six examples of simple machines and it has to work. 

I listened to her spew details of how she was going to do that and explain her sketch over Shepherd's Pie at the dinner table.  I just learned a lot from my kid.  For starters, I learned who this fella is.  I also learned about simple machines.  Scissors are a simple machine.  No, I didn't know that.  Incline planes, levers, pulleys, wedges.  Hmm.  She has a plan.  Ever the eco-conscious child, she's planning to construct this Rube Goldberg machine out of garbage.  She's making an incline plane out of a paper towel tube, which she's filleting open to look like "the half pipe on peak 8."  Hmmm.  I really did have to stifle a chuckle.  She's really excited to build this thing.  I find it adorable that she has a sparkle in her eye and speaks with excited urgency over doing homework.  Her educational fire is stoked and smoldering white hot.

So, here's a famous Rube for your viewing pleasure . . .  it's cool to learn something new.

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