Monday, March 07, 2011

Day 14

Blogger Photo Challenge:  Day 14; Picture of your favorite family member

Well, that's not fair.  Really, when someone asks you for a favorite family member, it's not fair to pick.  I can't pick Big over Little or Middle over Mimi.   They are all my favorite.  So, today I'm posting pictures of our four-legged family members.

Moose . . . is also known as Moo-ma-duke.  He's the ultimate mom's dog.  Once you get past having 150 pounds of dog camped out on your furniture, it's not that big of a deal.  He's great with kids, a good napper, has a perfect energy level for a busy mom.  Oh, and he's so, so, so sweet.

Moose loves us.  And we love him.  He's a perfect adopted addition.

Montana, aka Tana, the English Setter.  Middle named her for her birthplace (sort of) and the place where she first learned about English Setters.   She's very sweet . . . kinda neurotic . . . but very sweet.  
Okay, so this isn't recent.  It's when Tana was still a true PUPPY, but she's doing what she does best . . . . snuggling a kid.  There's something about Little and Tana -- when he's sick, has a fever, can't breathe, asthmas kicks in . . he sits to do a nebulizer, she's right in his lap.  He's still little here, obviously -- still with a paci & wearing Clifford slippers, but it captures a boy and his dog.


Heather said...

A white English Setter... interesting. Cute photos! Moose is an awesome-looking (and enormous) dog! What kind is he?

Elle said...

Yeppers. Tana is actually an orange belton and actually has lots of light brown spots, but very few on her head, so they didn't show up in those pix. Moose is a great dane. He's frickin' huge. And also very awesome. And a complete baby.

Conny2 said...

Hello: Those are wonderful pics. I love animals and have 2 dogs now (Scooter and Tassy) I used to have a female Great Dane (Mona Lisa) She was a brindle and got to be 11 years old. She's been gone now for a few years but I still miss her. Great Danes are awesome dogs.
Scooter is Rottweiler/Lab mix and very sweeeeet! :)
Thanks for the posts!
oh, almost forgot, I make jewelry; maybe you want to check it out, click on the "Conny2"