Sunday, March 06, 2011

Day 13

Blogger Photo Challenge; Day 13 . . .  A Photo of Your Best Friends

Friends come and go but these gals have been around since I tied the knot.  Well, actually . . . BEFORE.

Dance team buddies and former room-mates on the right & left, Homestead, my maid of honor and Skid, the cutest little flower girl ever (eee-gads, she's graduating from high school in May.)   And, as a side-thought:  Have I always been this short?   Were you guys standing on tree stumps?


Heather said...

Gorgeous! :D

Homestead said...

What THE HELL is wrong with my face?? I take the shittiest pictures.... I really hope I don't look like that in real life but I have a terrible sneaking feeling that I do..... sigh.

Elle said...

Homestead -- seriously . . nothing's wrong with your face. I was cracking you up. The upturned mouth is known as a smile. There was probably a child-like noise coming out of you, too. It's called laughter. Smiling & laughing. It's what we do when we are together.

Hey, can you come over? I got these new french vanilla biscotti k-cups for the keurig and they are divine.