Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 12

Day 12; Blogger Photo Challenge . . . A picture from your day.

Hmm.  I knew the topic today before I sat down here, so it was kind of fun.  I had a random day.  It went like this:

Though I have no formal photo, here's a link to part of my morning:

I received a nomination to serve on the Board for this organization.  Having never been to a meeting, today was my day.  I woke early to allow a shower, something other than a ponytail & a doulbe coat of mascara. I shuffled kids out the door at 7:50.   My mom showed up at 8 to stay with Mimi and I went to a social and board meeting at 8:30.  No small task, getting everyone out the door by 8:30.  I see that as the first obstacle.  I'd been warned that I'm about 40 years younger than the average board member.  True story.  I spent the morning with lots of lovely ladies wearning purple hair and elastic pants.  I learned alot.  ALOT.  Next year's estimated tuition, for example.  Insert gasp and these words:  Holy Shit.

More photos.  While I had mom with Mimi, I did this:

I admit, not THE best picture, but it seemed inappropriate to take photographs of myself WITH needles poking out of 26 different locations.   Plus, today, she hooked me up to an electrical current and put me under a heat lamp to bake.  It feels risky to make any unnecessary movements.  Without much graphic explanation (maybe I'll blog it later . . . ) I can say this:  It appears to be working.

This photo challenge was kind of fun.  Here's Mimi's lunch:

Yea, she only ate the tops.  Saved all the bottoms for Big.

I should insert a photo of the cake here.  Play-doh, I'm talking.  After school, we played play-doh in the sunshine.  It's nice to be outside.  It's nice for the big kids to have no homework.  We made cakes . . . Cake Boss Style.  It was fun :)

Then, the kids had a snack.   Sometimes, the sheer destructive force of four kids is amazing.  This was a new jar .  . . until snack time.  Now, it's gone and they're full.

And, with many hours left in the day . . . I'll list what I think I could take photos of, but won't, since I have to get serious about putting dinner in front of the swarm of angry-pickle-eating buttterflies, so that we can make volleyball on time tonight.  I could take pictures of lunchboxes, the texas toast french toast & scrambled eggs I'm making for dinner, the sticky faces full of powdered sugar and peanut butter from afterward, the sink full of dishes or the bedtime routine.  I could snap a shot of Survivor, or the dogs eating, or me on my butt in front of Grey's Anatomy.  I could take a snapshot of three frozen meals MOTH is dropping off for my girlfriend and her family tonight.  Rollover accident last week.  Insert gasp and moment of silence.  But, I'll settle for one parting shot.  The girls are reading in the front room right now . . . . they've set up a camp of what Mimi calls "bull-ellas" for a reading hut. 

And that, friends, is MY day  . . .  so far . . .


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