Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Irony

I'm not ready to do today's photo challenge, so I'm choosing to ramble about my day instead.  It's the end of the month-slash-beginning of the month and that combination of days is utter chaos in my office.  It's pure crazy from paperwork to computer entry to payroll to posting checks to finalizing orders.  Pure, crazy, hot, hell. 

The alarm was harsh this morning.  I awoke thinking about a friend.  Kept that up for most of the morning.  Enlisted the support of a friend to keep Mimi so I could visit my OWN doctor, of sorts.  Checked that off my list.  Came home, caught up on a few things.  Folded laundry.  Met my trainer, in the basement.  Called him bad words.   Found a lost iPod, decided to make the terrible trip to Wal-Mart for new toothpaste for Middle.  That begat making a real shopping list.  That begat opening cupboards and taking stock of what I really needed to make a few things for this week's meals with ingredients I already have.  That brought on a headache and severe hunger pains.  Went to Wal-Mart.  With the Goodwill donation.  Got rid of two boxes of crap that have been building in the garage.  Bought Mimi a happy meal and started cruising Wal-Mart looking for real life examples from -- crazy.  Have I ranted about how I detest Wal-Mart?  H.A.T.E.  But it's closer than Target.  And it has a Goodwill dropoff in the parking lot.  

I bought toothpaste.  And hamburger.  And 10-packs of plastic hangars.  My big girls wear clothes that fit on big hangars now.  We're getting older.  Chuckled under my breath at the sweet irony of Mimi feeding me the ends of her fries (she doesn't like the "hawd-pawts") while I read the ingredient lists on the backs of diet pills.  Hmmm.  

Left Wal-Mart exhausted and hungry . . . came home to unload, repack, shelf and stock.  Heavy sigh.  Folded another load of laundry in between.  Changed the sheets on the beds.  Picked up dog poop.  Made & baked taco salad bowl shells for supper.  Worked with Middle making banana bread for tomorrow's breakfast.  Cleaned up the mushroom cloud the size of Hiroshima from her adding flour and turning the KitchenAide up to high.  Heavy sigh.  I did not yell.   Finalized a bag-lady order.  Finished up the bulk of payroll.  Made taco salads.   Worked on PTA nominations.  Got frustrated and quit.  Heard about a terrible car-accident.  Texted Mama J to check on the family.   Picked up Middle, finished taco salads, cleaned up (again) . . . bathtime, bedtime, sweet, sweet, quiet time.

I will actively think about doing today's photo challenge . . . tomorrow.

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Heather said...

And I thought my Monday sucked.

Keep your chin up, Elle - here's to a better rest-of-the-week.