Sunday, February 06, 2011

Random Unconnected Thoughts

The truth is that I got angry.  Okay, somebody made me angry on Saturday morning.  In the interest of being calm, cool, well-spoken & level-headed (and also being the bigger person), I walked away.  Seems I've been walking away from a few things lately.  But, the result of being angry and spending energy in a negative way (for me) is that my thoughts and actions are a complete jumbled haystack of mess. 

I cleaned the dickens out of the baseboards this weekend.  And I scrubbed grout like nobody's business.  I made a few threats inside my own head.  MOTH talked me off a cliff a few times, but hours later, I'd catch myself dragging my knuckles like a caveman again with a sour look on my face, rummaging through the pantry for chocolate healing.


It's the end of the weekend, and I have random thoughts to string together on this tightrope that I'm walking, in no particular order:

* Green Bay won the Superbowl.  Middle planned a menu.  We ate potato chips.  Gasp.  We rarely have such luxury in our house. 
* The Darth Vader commercial made me laugh to the point of tears.  I stole a look at MOTH & he, too, was in a fit of laugh-crying.  Hysterical.
* We went to the Pikes Peak Cup on Saturday night to watch the Elite session.  Wow. That's what I have to say about that.  And, in the spirit of our own commercials:  Admission, $44, Concessions, $11.50, Another PINK hoodie that says "gymnast", $32.22, Dinner for the occasion, $41.67.  Babysitter while we were gone, $40.00 Making memories with our Big Kids:  PRICELESS.
* We watched Toy Story 3.  Oh MY GAWD.  I cried. 
* My computer is sick.  I've been defragmenting the hard drive since noon today.  It's still going.  That MUST be a sign.  Sheesh.
* Big's volleyball team took another whoopin' this weekend and she did a free camp on Saturday.  Middle, Mimi & I explored the fieldhouse and tried very hard to not get stuck in a men's locker room.
* I finally had a catch-up conversation with Homestead this weekend.  It's been weeks and I'm positively in withdrawl.   June 11th.  The big visit.  I'm counting the days and planning the menu and the reunion between kids that haven't seen each other since two new additions (my Mimi and her Bugsy.)
* I'm following Heather.  She's cracking me up with her size 2 on "her fattest day".   More later, for sure.
* I've been thinking alot about Frankie.   Cold weather keeps us in, for sure . . . 'cause I haven't done more than drive past her place and wave in weeks. 
* I'm counting the days until the new microwave arrives.  Monday's installation got pushed to Wednesday.  Apparently, my unit (yes, I chuckle when I say that) is stuck on a truck out of Texas that was stranded in an ice storm.  Come on, Wednesday.
* Zumba.  Me likey.
* Wii -- Just Dance 2.  So fun to play with Big!  Middle mostly watches and/or tries to do her beam routine to the music, but Big can bust it and she actually beat me at Rasputin.   Brings back fond memories of college dance team . . . . sigh.
* Religion . . . . I've taken some time off of recreational reading to do some heavy reading.  Religion, mostly.  Future post coming. 
* My dad.  Ee-gads.  He turns 92, or is it 93?? this month.  Another care conference next week for him.  Contemplating driving down because there are some big topics to discuss.  Heavy, heavy sigh.  Yet another post, but here's the teaser . . . . he's receiving a congressional medal of honor this fall for this work behind enemy lines in World War II.  I'll pause and let that sink in.  Yeah, wow.  Huge honor.  Story will follow, but suffice it to say that the logistics of taking him and the four youngins to DC for a week is a wee bit overwhelming.  Wee.  Bit.

And now, it's temperpedic and memory foam time . . .



Heather said...

Holy buckets. Congrats to your dad, Elle! Wow, what an amazing thing. I can't put into words how awesome that is. :)

Homestead said...

For just a second I was thinking..... "what did I say to piss her off Saturday morning??" Then I remembered we talked on Friday. Whew.

Speaking of religion.... have you read Anne Lamont (sp?) at all? Me likey. I'm also in search of a Kate Braestrup book at the library but someone always has them all checked out... so she's either really good or recommended by Oprah... not sure which. I read an article she wrote about hearth blessings that really resonated with me.