Thursday, February 10, 2011


Every now and again, a complete goosebump moment happens. 

Tuesday, we had one . . . well, several.

Tuesday was a complete clusterfuck.  We awoke to temperatures -15 below and had a two hour delayed start for school.  Despite an extra two hours in the morning, something wonky happened and we hustled our butts to get out the door at 9:50.  Mimi had a playdate . . . I had an appointment that overlapped.  Because the roads were bad, I arranged to pick Mimi up on my way to piano with the big kids.

Somewhere in between me picking up the big kids, stopping in to let the dogs out and get a snack & leaving again for Mimi & piano, MOTH called asking where we were . . . could he help with something or should he hit the gym.  Weird.  An odd call.  Usually, I count him out until evening.  Anyway, he was minutes away from the Mimi pickup, so he went that direction and I loaded Big, Middle & Little and headed to piano.

Understand this:  had he NOT called and I NOT asked hiim to pick up Mimi, he would have driven tandem style home with the fella that works with him. (E, I'll call him.)  When the roads are crappy, he and E often caravan home  . . . we live close and it's good practice.  So, he drives in front of E and they pull some backstreets and sideroads to avoid the myriad of hills coated in ice.  

As I was pulling into piano and MOTH was opening the garage door with Mimi safely gathered, E was two cars behind a major car accident.  Multiple cars were involved and one car rolled several times.  The driver, a young woman 20 years old was ejected from the car and died in the accident.  E was the first responder.  He and one other passerby administed the help that they could and waited for the ambulance and fire trucks to arrive. 

E came over for dinner that night.  Shaken.  Witnessing someone die in front of you . . . and in such a tragic and horrible way is a huge mortality check.  The senselessness really comes home and it forever changes a person.

The goosebump moment for ME . . . the wife and mother part is thinking of that odd, odd call.  When MOTH called and said, "what can I help you with?"  I almost laughed at him.  My first thought was "Seriously . . . I've got this," (insert mildly sarcastic tone), but now, as I think of where he WOULD have been had he not called, I'm not so sure it was just a random call.  He would have been driving home one car in front of E that day.  He would have been creeping up the ice hill just before the library when one SUV sped through a yellow light, another swerved and caused a chain reaction, and he would have been squarely in the middle of this fatal car accident. 

And the goosebumps visit me again.  It brings to mind that phrase, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."  Though I'm not the kind to sling about popular religious phrases, it's the only thing I can think of, because it certainly feels bigger than a coincidence and larger than fate.  It feels like we should all hug what's around us . . . .


EmpowerOnline said...

Excellent....Really Funny.........expecting more and more

reece said...

That's just freaky. I'm so glad your hubs is ok. Seriously freaky.