Monday, February 21, 2011

Good morning, Sunday & Last Week . . .

Good morning, Sunday.  Oh, how I love thee. 

I love opening my eyes to a tiny snuggly toddler snoring softly in the crook of my arm.  I love snuggling on the sofa with Little while the rest of the family sleeps.  We get up early, my son and I.  It's our thing.  He drinks warm apple juice.  I sip hot water and we watch something mindless and numbing on the television. 

When Middle pads out of bed, we make pancakes.  Or crepes.  Or something for the rest of the week.  This morning, we made a broccoli quiche, crepes and carrot muffins.  Yum.  We're still waiting for a few to wake up, so it's a good time to pause & reflect.

Today's a two-post day.  (Amended: yesterday WAS a two-post day, but MOTH and I started doing home improvement projects thus ending hobby-time and initiating work time.)  I'm on track with photos, but will have to hunt for a day 4 postable shot.  After I posted yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about photos of ALL the things that make me happy.  I might have to expand on yesterday's challenge.  Really, there's so many MORE things I could and should post.  Happy thoughts.    I'm much more happy than not so the world is wide open when I'm posting happy things.

Last week.  Sigh.  This week, Big passed her states test on the first attempt this week.  Yea, Big.  She also scored 100% on a benchmarking test at school.  Go, Smartie!!  Middle wrapped up her first week of CSAP testing.  She came home tired and flat and said, "it's boring."  True, but there's no homework during CSAP week.  Hooray!  Little is just Little.  I've been trying to catch him playing in the backyard.  I've been trying to capture a decent segment of video.  I love to watch him.  The warm weather has him slaying dragons, summoning the Gods, playing Percy Jackson and commanding his troops in the back.  Video coming, I promise.  Mimi is coughing.  I'm pretty sure she caught something at school, which is to be expected, but still a bummer.  She's been introduced to the joy of scissors.  She loves to chop paper up.  It's good, cheap fun. 

I grounded myself from Facebook again last week.  In all honesty, I was getting irritated by religious soapbox.  Facebook is tricky, right.  You can't really 'unfriend' someone for updating their status, but sometimes I feel like I have a troop of secret Facebook missionaries posting on my wall.  Alright, it's not ON my wall . . . but still. . . . 

And here's where my amended post ends, mostly becasue I deleted all of the rest of it for a future post.  Humph.  On then, to Monday . . .  President's Day . . . no school .  . . I really have gobs of work to do, but I think I'll take the kids shopping or to a movie.  Seems like more fun.

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