Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dearest Heather,

Thanks for your last letter.  (Well, I called it a letter becasue it sounds so Cival-War-Esque and appropriate . . . )  

On my heart aching . . .

My heart aches for anyone who hurts because people failed to use words.  You know, I've spent my career life as an OB/GYN nurse.  I've been in rooms a zillion times during exams, during deliveries, during scary procedures & the delivery of shitty news.  There are trained professionals in that room who have a responsibility to you.  It's their job to use words to make sure you feel as comfortable as you can, in that very, very uncomfortable situation.   From my professional point of view, it pisses me off that the professionals in that room let you down and failed to do their job.   It's a poor reflection of colleagues. 

Now, on to cyber-sisterness.  My heart ALSO aches because you experienced PREVENTABLE duress. We, humans, are only a few rungs above the apes.  One thing that keeps us there is that amazing ability to communicate with each other.  When communication breaks down, in ANY situation, my heart aches.  Make no mistake, my heart aches on a regular basis for all kinds of situations where we noble folk with the opposable thumb forget to talk.    We forget to tell our kids how wonderful they are.  We forget to say I love you when we part ways, or worse, we use harsh words as parting words and leave a situation untended.  It's all preventable.  Your situation was preventable.

I do get it.  I understand.  You can handle it.  You can.  I'm only a keyboard away . . .


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Heather said...

You're the best. Thanks for this. You have no idea how awesome you are.