Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 9

Day 9, Blogger Photo Challenge . . . Family

Um.  Long pause. 

Well, seein' as I just posted my mom (see Day 7) and my dad (see Happy Birthday!) . . . I'm feeling a little tapped out.  I routinely post my nuclear family  . . . MOTH and the youngin's.  All that's really left is my brother.  Must go find picture now.   Ah, here he is!  Summer of 2009.  We were visiting Dad.  I took his picture as he was taking a picture of me.  He has a camera in front of his face 95% of the time, so this seems appropriate.  He takes beautiful pictures of landscapes, rocks, twigs, architecture, people -- just about everything.  He knows cameras.  He could make money at it, but he chooses to be an actor.  He's Boba Fett in the Mandalorian Legacy (if it ever starts filming).  He's also in a bunch of ads and a couple episodes of Numb3rs (correctly misspelled) and a soap opera.  He's practically famous, but I still don't have a signed picture of McDreamy.  That's how I'll know when he's made the Big Time.

I'd love to be able to post a ton more family pictures, but it just ain't there, folks.  I've even tried.  I found a family reunion, but I was pregnant with Middle, so those are tragically old.   
How about this??  How about I post a picture of Homestead.  She's family. Well, almost.  I know and love her parents and it seems a hell of a lot more appropriate than posting pictures of my ex-boyfriend's parents . . because, well, they still write, call and send Christmas cards.  They like me.  Homestead & I  have been friends since my first day of college, when she bounced (or maybe she crutched . . . I can't recall since we both spent so much time on crutches that year) into my room and said, "wanna go to Albertson's?"  Plus, she's been around to hold me up or carry me through all of my adult life.  There's something to be said for that.   Photo:

She's holding a very crotchity and angry baby.  Big.  Note to Homey:  I chose the photo intentially where your LEGGINGS were not visable.  See how much I value my life and our friendship??  So, that's family.  I realize it's a stretch because she's GOT a family and I have mine, too.  Still, she's MY family.  Oh, oh, and speaking of family -- hers is about to grow, since her REAL sister is expecting bambino numbero uno.   Congrats, Aunt C . . . (see, they even let MY kids call them Auntie!!)

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Homestead said...

I'm pretty sure it isn't any worse than the flannel pants with deer on them I am wearing right now.....

If you can't be a good example.... be a horrible, horrible warning... that's me and fashion.

I can honestly say the only thing I still have from that photo is, possibly, the haircut.... and the double-chin.