Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 5

Blogger Photo Challenge, Day 5: A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Uh, no.  I actually did look.  I combed through all of the 2010 pictures.  There are about 5 shots with me in them.  I look retched in all of them and am not woman enough to post a picture.  I did find some startling revelations clicking through pictures, though.  Of note . . .

1.  2010 right around surgery time and in the couple of months following are certainly my points where my weight hit maximum density.  Wow.  Meds, pain and mental stress apparently equal pounds.   Well, and the camera adds ten pounds, right? 
2.  My kids are damn cute.  They looked cute even at the 2010 family reunion.  I don't agree that they ruined the pictures.  The don't look like orphans at all.
3.  I take and keep alot of pictures.
4.  Watching saved video clips makes me happy.

And now, on to today's challenge.  There is no recent picture of me.  Try as I might to get a good iphone picture today, I failed after multiple attempts.  There you have it.  Failed.  So, I took a picture of my new boots.   

I bought these from the clearance rack at Target.  They make me happy.  They have a nice heel and they make me tall.  The look great with my black leggings and sweater dress.  I'm power-dressed today to compensate for my dismal mood.  I'm exhausted.  Way, way, way tired. 

And now, interesting facts about me.  I'm an over-achiever, so there are 30, not 15.  All you've ever wanted to know.
1.  I have a freakishly sensitive sense of smell.  I can smell a cigarette from 100 yards out, one beer on the breath of a near sober teen, latex, pheromones, hair products and all kinds of other things.  Though I'm clearly Team Edward, I might have some werewolf genetics.   My favorite smells are clorox wipes, clean babies, new toys that come in plastic & the smell of clean dirt at a garden center.
2.  I was on two high school state championship teams.  Gymnastics and track & field.   I was a college co-ed cheerleader & traveled the west teaching college camps for UCA.
3.  I coached two co-ed high school cheerleading teams to state championships.  I love choreographing stunts and dance.
4.  I have a thing for clean teeth, straight, white teeth.  The end.
5.  I own and operate my own start up business.
6.  Though my profession is technically "nurse", I think I missed my true calling to teach.
7.  I'm mom to four kids, but deep down, I would love to have more.  I would really love to adopt (not have) ONE more little boy . . . or maybe two. 
8.  I love dogs, especially misunderstood pooches with sad eyes and heavy hearts. 
9.  I have a crazy obsession with office supplies.  I love them all.  From binder clips to rubber bands . . staplers to markers, I just love office supplies.  I also really love cleaning supplies.
10.  I grew up with an undiagnosed hoarder, so as an adult, I'm obsessively clean and organized.  Clutter makes me bonkers.  I feel unorganized and ineffective.  I donate frequently and make split second decisions on throwing things away.
11.  My make up kit is minimal.  Ten pieces.
12.  I grew up in a trailer.
13.  I'm a pathological name caller.  If your name is Susan, I'll find ten ways to morph your name into different combinations.  It's meant in love.
14.  I'm a complete jingle junkie and victim of advertising.  I make shopping decisions based on whether not I can remember (or liked) the commercial for a product.   I absolutely love the 'as seen on TV' row at Walgreens.
15.  I'm a TV addict . . . especially medical and crime drama.  Love TV.  And DVR.
16.  I have always longed for a sister.
17.  I have had the privilege of being loved and the unfortunate circumstance of being truly, 100%, genuinely hated.
18.  MOTH stalked me before we got married.  We had a whirlwind courtship and an express wedding.
19.  I'm a fan of circuit training and hot yoga.
20.  Though I'm dedicated to teaching my kids piano, the extent of my musical talent is in pushing "play" on my iPod.
21.  I believe in love, love at first site, paying it forward, good karma and second chances.
22.  I also believe in closing doors, cutting your losses, clipping strings and cutting cords.
23.  I obsessively buy chewing gum and cuticle oil.
24.  I believe in jewelry.  I wear earrings with my pajamas, a bracelet that makes me feel empowered and a necklace that reflects my mood.  
25.  I like my flowers with roots and dirt at the bottom. 
26.  I have a tattoo.  It's a big one.  I designed it and commissioned a tattoo artist to put the finishing touches on it.   (See below . . . )
27.  I don't love to cook, but I do love baking.
28.  I'm very fond of drinks.  I like smoothies, milk shakes, frapuccinos, coffee, tea & water.  I seldom drink soda or alcohol.
29.  I'm a closet writer.
30.  I love these things:  a good bag, a fun vacation, board games, educational games, a good cause, cute paper, a decent hug, feeling just a little bit hungry, girlfriends, well-mannered children, nature, waking up refreshed, a good night's sleep, pedicures, shopping, a good deal, financial security, honest people & good books.

Elaboration on number 26: (Don't the floors look clean??  I'm really loving my Shark Vac-then-Steam!)


Reece said...

1. This post really made me miss you a lot. (A few days ago it occurred to me that you're only three hours away. 3 hours!)
2. You are such an excellent writer. You always have been.
3. You grew up in a trailer? Wait a minute... whose house were you taking me to at lunch time senior year?
4. I like the tat. JD has fruits and veggies in the same place.
5. You forgot two things: erbits and your belief that egg yolks wear seatbelts

Homestead said...

I'm going to post a response on my blog but, really, all I can think is.... "OMG.... you can get your foot up on the counter????"

Elle said...

You two crack me up!

Homestead . . I'm still limber as HELL! Not only can I get my foot up on the counter, I can twist my hips right and lean to the left to capture a decent tat-image :)

Reece . . . Really, only three hours?? What's your summer looking like? And, yes, I grew up in a trailer. That little cottage where you dined our senior year was the place my mom & I lived after the divorce . . . you are talking about the little thing on 4th, right? And you remember my dad's place -- stacked high w/ STUFF???

Erbits and Seatbelts . . I totally forgot . . .

Jam said...

We may not be "blood",however, I have always considered you as one of my "sisters."