Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 3

Day 3: Blogger Photo Challenge . . . Pictures that make you happy.  

Okay, Fans. I didn't have so much trouble with this one.  In fact, I found it downright pleasureable to surf through files of old photos looking for my happy theme . . . which is . . . . (drumroll, please) . . . HOLDING CHILDREN.  There is a deep, deep need for me to hold these kids.  It's not enough to be near.  It's not enough to just be there mom.  I have a maternal need to hold them, comfort them in times of hurt, and celebrate with hugs in times of cheer. 

Photo 1:  This is Middle, just over a year and a hald, taken at Big's birthday party.  She loved the crepe paper headband.  And, look at what a fat & happy kid she was.  That makes me happy.

Photo 2:  Look how young I look.  Probably becasue I am.  That's me with Big at the circus.  She was two.  Notice Foo-foo bunny.  That's the bunny that wore all of her shoes.  He just came through the dryer AGAIN this week.  Love that bunny.  And the kid is pretty awesome, too.

Photo 3:  I know this picture looks like Mimi, but it's actually Middle.  About 2 years old in her painfully shy mode.  She was always on top of me, snuggled in or hiding from someone's eye contact.  This photo captures the essence of that time of our lives.

Photo 4:  Little only a short while after delivery.  I was so exhausted.  Still thinking it was ironically funny to plan a child so their birthday didn't fall in the month of Christmas, and then birth the kid ON Christmas.  So happy to have him.   So glad that the Lord thought enough of me to trust me with a son. 

Photo 5:  Swinging with Mimi.    I'm not sure who took this picture, but I remember playing with the kids that day . . . swiminging and just hanging out at the park.  I remember feeling ENGAGED, really THERE, in the moment.  And that's why I love swinging.  When you're swinging, you're always right there, a true part of the action.

Photo 6:  Me with Mimi, Laguna Beach.  Heavy sigh.  Such fond memories. 

Photo 7:  Little and his light sabre.  I love this little boy.  He makes me really happy.

Photo 8:  Me with Mimi on Newport Beach . . family vacation 2008.   On that day, she wouldn't let me put her down . . now I'm posting about the tender times when my arms are full of child.  Those days are numbered . . . best cling to the happy thoughts while they are fresh!

I lost count of the numbers, (photo below)  but I wish I could bottle this feeling and sell it by prescription.  I took the girls (when there were only two) on a vacation.  MOTH couldn't come, so I took them camping.  We stopped in at some cheap store and bought plastic spoons and tupperware so we could dig in the river and make mud pies.  We spent all afternoon making bridges, digging ditches & playing in mud.  It was wonderful . . .

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Reece said...

What a great post. I love these pictures and all the love that's in your writing. Yay for kids--for our kids!!