Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 2

Oh, Crap.  I'm already stumbling.  Maybe a blogger photo challenge was too big of a bite for me.  I'll persevere.  But, I'll have to bend the rules.  Today is:

Blogger Photo Challenge Day 2:  A picture of yourself one year ago.

Um.  I'm coming up empty.  Nuthin.

I'm anally organized with photo archiving.  I've been through January 2010.  I have pictures of Little's birthday party, Middle in the front yard, A GREAT picture for later and a bunch of video of Mimi skating through the kitchen on cereal boxes.  Nuthin' with me in it.  In February, I've got Big in volleyball, Mimi's performance team finale, Little on the 100th day of kindergarten.  Nuthin' with me in it.   Stretching into March, I have  Middle's kipcake, Big's basketball team, Little with his giant tie on school picture day & Mimi's owie.  Nuthin with me. 

I know why . . . so I've decided to post toward that feeling.  In February of 2010, PAIN was my middle name.  I had just decided to stop the madness of quarterly epidural injections and opt for spine surgery.  I had gained weight, lost hair, become puffy, discovered the symptoms of menopause through medication & was overall un-photogenic.  I was not capable of bending, walking, standing or sitting.  I wasn't sleeping and was hurting everyday.  So, it's no surprise that I wasn't too keen on posing for the camera.  Hmm.  I'd love to post a picture of my scar.  But, ew.  The kids say it looks like a caterpillar is crawling out of my crack, especially when I'm wearing low-rise jeans.  (See, back to the jeans topic.) 

So, behold . . . a clinical picture of low back surgical plans. 

That best summarizes where I was one year ago . . . .

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Heather said...

Holy buckets, owie. Spine surgery... What happened that caused you to be in so much pain and ultimately necessitated the surgery, if I may ask? And are you all better now? D: