Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cold Day

It's a cold day in hell. 

No, seriously.  We have a school cancellation today because it's 25 below 0.  Seriously friggin' cold.  I'm fine with having all the munchkins home.  We're baking cookies and having a Pente tournament.  Middle made some modern art.  Big is making a mosaic art display.   But I also feel compelled to bust out a bit of "when I was a kid . . .uphill . . .  both ways . . . 35 below zero . . . "

Because it's mostly true.  We NEVER had a school closure for severe cold.  Never.  Back in MY day, snow had to be over 2 feet deep and buses could absolutely NOT pass in the country roads.  Otherwise, we were there.  And on time.

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