Friday, February 04, 2011

The Car Accident

Anybody who has been coming here, to my little sliver of cyber space for any length of time knows this:  (a) writing is therapy for me and (b) blogging is an awesome way for me to clarify and connect. 

So, a little background. 

Many, many, many years ago, I was traveling by car on a major city artery.  I had a child (or maybe two) with me and one other passenger.  I was in the center lane.  I needed to shift to the right lane to make an up-n-coming right turn.  When I began to move over, low and behold, a car was hauling ass up, right in my blind spot.  There was a near-accident.  And by near, I mean that I swerved and she swerved.  We ALL swerved.  She hit the curb with the right rear tire.  She went around the block.  I switched lanes and went right around the block to find her.  I found her.   We exchanged numbers.  At the time, she told me that she was fine, didn't need a ride . . . everything was okay.  I gave her my insurance info anyway.  Weeks went by and I didn't hear anything more.

Then months later, she called me out of the blue.  She told me that her insurance would only pay for part of the new rim that she needed and she asked me if I was willing to help her with the other portion.

Uh, yes.

I met her.   We had coffee and talked about our jobs.  I gave her a check.  We parted ways.  The end. 

Except . . . fast forward years.  And I do mean years.  The person that was with me as the passenger that day thought that I drove away.  I'm not sure what was happening in the car when I was exchaning information with her. Perhaps a child dropped a juice cup or needed a goldfish refill.  I'm certain that I didn't elaborate on all of the detail -- the insurance exchange, the check, the meeting, the friendly ending.  Now, said passenger wants to know what kind of person I am and says that anyone who drives away from an accident that they caused is "suspect."

To recap and bring it full circle, it is highly unlikely that I'll talk to the un-named passenger again.  I won't have the opportunity to say what happened.  I won't have the chance to explain myself.  Enter blog-therapy and delivery of the full story. 

There's the full story.  I did the right thing by me.  I did the right thing by the other driver.   That's all that matters.

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